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Event Event Calendar May

Event Calendar May

AI in Practice – Project Management, Automation, Efficiency Enhancement In today’s fast-paced business world, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a competitive advantage but a necessity for companies aiming to stay ahead. In this free webinar, we offer decision-makers and business leaders a deep insight into the practical applications of AI …

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Event Event calendar April

Event calendar April

Today we present the event calendar in collaboration with Web de Cologne. You can expect the first SportX of the year on April 11th at SID, along with many other exciting events and information. SportX – powered by Web de Cologne – April 11th, 2023 6:00 PM – Doors open Welcome area with registration Initial …

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General Event Calendar March

Event Calendar March

The carnival season has come to an end, and our attention now turns to the upcoming spring events in our event calendar. The upcoming March promises a variety of exciting activities, including the transformation of existing properties, the promotion of inclusive entrepreneurship, the development of electric charging infrastructure, Impact Stammtisch, and discussions on sustainability in …

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General Event calendar

Event calendar

To start the new year, numerous fascinating events await us in and around Cologne. In addition to networking events, the New Year season is dedicated to education about AI, as well as cozy gatherings like the Startup Breakfast at STARTZPLATZ. The following is what our event calendar has to offer: Foundations: How to build your …

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Event AI bootcamp by Startplatz Cologne

AI bootcamp by Startplatz Cologne

The gap between AI experts and beginners will never be smaller than today. The AI Bootcamp at the STARTPLATZ AI HUB extends over a period of two days and focuses on imparting theoretical foundations as well as practical insights into the application of generative AI. The main goal is to prepare participants optimally for the …

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Event Review: Cologne Startup Summer Night

Review: Cologne Startup Summer Night

On September 1st, the Cologne Startup Summer Night took place in Stadtgarten in Cologne. We celebrated together with numerous guests. As part of the Cologne Startup Summer Night, ten Cologne-based entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present themselves and their startups to the expert audience. The Cologne Startup Summer Night 2023 was launched through a collaborative …

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Event Event calendar September

Event calendar September

This September, there are once again many exciting events in and around the Cologne area. In addition to networking events, this beginning of autumn is entirely dedicated to the trending topic of AI and how this technology of the future can find its place in both business and everyday life. Cologne Bot – September 6, …

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Event Cologne Startup Summer Night

Cologne Startup Summer Night

The Cologne Startup Summer Night, organized by KölnBusiness Economic Development, will take place on September 1st in collaboration with Web de Cologne e.V. and Gateway Hochschulen Köln. The Cologne Startup Summer Night is the ultimate networking event for the startup scene. It brings together startups, companies, as well as representatives from the press, politics, associations, …

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