In this section, current and past start-up projects of students are listed. You will also find links to the respective homepage or press releases of the young companies.


 KölnDuell by Robin Kracht and Christian Paland

KölnDuell is the new, free city tour in the form of a natively developed mobile application. The app enables users to get to know the city better and to gain city-related knowledge by playing a quiz against friends and new people. In a round of the game, two duelists take turns competing against each other. By completing game rounds, the users collect points and, in the long run, awards in order to play their way to the top of the Cologne experts via different leagues.

  Keepist by Daniel Engelhardt

keepist has set itself the task of reducing the flood of returns in e-commerce. To achieve this, keepist’s solution is based on two approaches: Rewarding end customers if they return little or nothing, and AI-supported data analyzes to optimize online shops.