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Project Manager

This page presents the project managers of the E-Commerce Institut Köln.


Victoria Frings M.A. B.A.

Victoria Frings is a dedicated and talented graduate of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, who recently successfully completed her master’s degree in Digital Management. In her master’s thesis, she dealt intensively with “Social Commerce” (grade: excellent). She focused on future developments in the beauty industry, focusing on TikTok and Instagram as central platforms.

During her studies, Victoria Frings could supervise several projects in cooperation with the E-Commerce Institute and gained practical experience in customer relationship management, social media management, and e-commerce management. She has a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge ranging from competitive and business analysis to targeted improvement of e-commerce, social media, and social commerce performance. She completed her bachelor’s degree in media and communications management at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in 2021. In her bachelor’s thesis, she examined the potential of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba as a role model for the German e-commerce market. Since then, she has specialized in e-commerce, communications, and social media management.

Since the beginning of 2023, Victoria Frings has been working as a project manager at the E-Commerce Institute, where she manages numerous projects and oversees the content of the ECI. As a project manager, she is now responsible for coordinating and implementing numerous projects at the E-Commerce Institute. In doing so, she emphasizes providing comprehensive support to clients in developing and implementing their e-commerce strategies. With her expertise and commitment, Victoria Frings is an essential pillar of the E-Commerce-Institute and a reliable contact person for companies that want to develop further in e-commerce and digital management.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with the ECI, you can reach her by email at

Her publications:


Frings, (2023). The future of social commerce: developments and trends, in:


Media and Communication Management (B.A.) Topic: Potentials of Chinese E-Commerce – Alibaba as a role model for European companies.

Digital Management (M.A.) Topic: Social Commerce and its future development in the beauty sector with a focus on TikTok and Instagram as the key platforms.

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Grisilda Miftari

Grisilda Miftari has successfully studied “Digital Management” at the Fresenius Hochschule in Cologne and graduated with a Master’s degree in February 2022. She works as a Working Student at International Business School and a Visiting Lecturer at Hochschule Fresenius Cologne (responsible for Digital Transformation and Consumer Behavior & Market Psychology undergraduate courses) and IU International University of Applied Sciences (accountable for Managing across borders and Strategic Management graduate courses). Her academic career started since October 2015 as a full-time assistant lecturer at European University of Tirana, being responsible for various courses throughout the years, for instance, Project Management, Marketing Management, Services Marketing, etc. Regarding her previous educational background, she has completed a bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Business Administration. Recently, she has been a member of the E-Commerce Institute, responsible for contributing to various projects and manage students’ affairs. You can reach her by email at




Miftari, G. & Kruja, D., 2017. Stakeholders’ Involvement in sustainable tourism development: The case study of Durres City, in Albania. Budapest, Obuda University .

Miftari, G. & Kruja, D., 2017. The application of customer based brand equity (CBBC) for a tourist destination. Tirana, International Scientific Conference: Albanian Study Days

Miftari, G., 2016. Informality in Albania, Fason Sector. Tirana, International Scientific Conference: Albanian Studies Days.


Miftari, G., 2016. Informality and challenges of fason sector business. Economicus, Volume 14.


Business Administration (M.Sc.) Topic: Informality in Albania, Fason Sector.

Digital Management (M.A.) Topic: Business Model Innovation in e-commerce. A critical analysis of chances and challenges, especially in social commerce.


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