Working students

Working students

Meet the students who work for the E-Commerce Institute:


Biel-Antonia-Working Student


Antonia Biel is a student in the Master’s program in Digital Management at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. Since 2019 she works as a student assistant at the E-Commerce Institute. She is especially responsible for researching and publishing articles, interviews and much more on the ECI news blog. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Management. Her main areas of interest are digital marketing, e-commerce and digitalization issues. Currently she is working on the development of a chatbot (IBM Watson Assistant) for the E-Commerce Institute.



Natália Manczyk has been a journalist for more than 13 years and is studying for a master’s in media and communication management in Berlin. She has been working with the WordPress platform and SEO optimization for four years and has been working for the E-Commerce Institute since July 2020. She is responsible for website improvements, including user experience, technical SEO, content SEO and other on-page functions and off-page elements. Her areas of interest are digital marketing, social media, content optimization and digitization of media products.


Tobias Lassmann joined the E-Commerce Institute team as a working student in 2020, having previously worked as a research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius Cologne. His main focus is on business and product development to identify and realize new process and service potentials by using innovative technologies. His current tasks include the backend and frontend development of a chatbot (IBM Watson Assistant), the development of a concept to maximize service and support as well as customer acquisition.


Simone Schreiner is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Digital Management at the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius Cologne. She received her Bachelor’s degree in business administration at the HTWG in Konstanz. She is enthusiastic about various digital commerce technologies and is presently working on the development and implementation of a chatbot (IBM Watson Assistant) for the E-Commerce Institute.