Digital Health – Call for Papers

Digital Health – Call for Papers

In a collaboration between Dr. Ulrich Arnold, Mr. Günter Wältermann, and Prof. Dr. Richard Geibel, the publication of a current anthology on the relevant topic “Digital Health in Germany” is currently underway. The international academic publisher Springer Nature will publish this volume in its German format, Springer Gabler. Below, we provide you with important information and framework data as a preview:

digital health

1. Positioning
The book provides a strategic overview of the comprehensive potential of digitalization on the healthcare sector in Germany, as well as the significant opportunities associated with digital transformation in this crucial sector. It analyzes the various areas of digital health and examines their potential to make the healthcare system more effective and efficient. The opportunities brought about by the rapid growth of technologies are systematically examined for their impact on the German healthcare system and critically reflected upon. Finally, concrete recommendations for the future-oriented design of digital health in Germany are provided. Legal, ethical, social, and medical aspects are also addressed but are not the primary focus.

It systematically investigates and transparently presents the influence of digitalization on the overall development or the current situation in the healthcare sector on a higher, strategic level. Starting from a critical assessment, the potential of digitalization for various areas of healthcare in Germany such as health insurance companies, hospitals, nursing facilities, etc., is highlighted. In particular, the rapidly growing digital technologies lead to new and expanded possibilities and options that must be utilized for the benefit of patients and the improvement of the healthcare system.

2. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
To differentiate our work from similar publications, we choose the following USPs:
2.1. It describes the strategic solution concepts for the German healthcare system.
2.2. It outlines the potential of digitalization for improving the healthcare system.
2.3. It explains the advantages of digital transformation for digital health.

3. Target Audience
The planned anthology is primarily aimed at the executive level and political decision-makers in the German healthcare sector. The intended target audience is primarily healthcare management, i.e., it targets decision-makers in business, politics, and society. Additionally, the work also targets scholars and students who wish to gain an overview of the current status of digitalization implementation in healthcare.

4. Articles
You have a maximum of 10-15 pages available for your contribution, including the bibliography.

5. Schedule
We have allocated the months of March, April, May, and June for you as authors. Therefore, you should send us your completed manuscript in June – preferably early June. Furthermore, you should send us your concept for your article in April (abstract and outline).

6. Review
Once a manuscript is available, the editors will conduct a review in June and July. This is aimed at achieving a consistent appearance and the most homogeneous use of terms and definitions.

7. Publisher
After sending the entire work digitally to the publisher, the book will be published and appear in the market after approximately four to five months.

If you would like to contribute, please contact the editors (

Best regards from the editors,
Ulrich Arnold, Günter Wältermann, and Richard Geibel