Sustainable online shopping

Sustainable online shopping

Event “How can online shopping be made more sustainable for end customers?”

We would like to take a closer look at this question in the next event of the “Sustainable Digitalization” community on November 24, 2022, from 16:00-17:00 with two presentations:

  • Dr. Otmar Lell (Project Manager | ConPolicy Institute for Consumer Policy) – “For better visibility of sustainability labels in online retail: the data interface of the BMUV-funded project ZuSiNa”: Reliable, independently certified sustainability labels are not very common in online retail today. One reason for this is information that is difficult to access and not digitized, which online stores and comparison portals can easily integrate into their offerings. The ZuSiNa funding project aims to address this problem. The goal is to develop a data interface that can be used to retrieve current certification information from label organizations.


  • Dr. Richard Geibel (Institute Director | E-Commerce Institute Cologne) – “E-Commerce and Sustainability – Current Status and Approaches”: The rapidly growing e-commerce sector is often accompanied by a large environmental impact. This conflict of goals must be mitigated by intelligent and digital solutions. Insights into current research results on customer behavior will help to raise the potential for more sustainability in the eCommerce business.


Afterward, there will be the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the impulses with the speakers. Interested parties can register by e-mail or form via this link until November 23, 2022:

Further information will be sent out afterward. Participation in the event is free of charge


Who we are:

The BMUV’s “Sustainable Digitalization” community brings together stakeholders who deal with topics at the intersection of digitalization and sustainability. We have set ourselves the goal of creating stronger links between stakeholders from politics, research, the start-up scene, business, and local authorities. In doing so, we want to connect different players as bridge builders and support existing initiatives in their efforts to advance climate and environmental protection. We also see ourselves as an impulse generator, creating discussion spaces to jointly explore ways to achieve sustainable digitalization.

What we do:

The BMUV offers interactive workshops, networking events, and information events for the community, with content ranging from climate-neutral data centers to digitally supported biodiversity monitoring. Our central concern is to raise awareness of the need to think together about the two crucial megatrends of our time: Digitization and sustainability. With its Environmental Digital Agenda, the BMUV has drafted a strategy that is based on two fundamental ideas: On the one hand, digitization offers enormous potential for climate and environmental protection. On the other hand, it also has an ecological footprint and currently reinforces unsustainable trends. You too can help shape this sustainable future and become part of the community, which already numbers over 1,000 players.