The hybrid semester at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences has started

The hybrid semester at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences has started

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last two semesters did not go as planned. Classroom lectures had to be replaced by online classes. But improvement is slowly in sight. Students at HS Fresenius can look forward to hybrid lectures in the coming semester.

Current announcement of the HS Fresenius to its students:

To all students at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

The summer semester will soon begin and it is unfortunately still uncertain how the Corona pandemic will develop over the next few months. As things stand, we assume that the ordered restrictions on classroom events from the winter semester will continue to apply for the time being. At Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, we have been preparing for the summer semester in the best possible way over the past few weeks under repeatedly extended lockdown measures. We are trying to make teaching as flexible as possible so that we can adjust our schedules to the changing regulatory requirements at any time.

What does that mean for you specifically?

The summer semester will be a hybrid semester. We will initially start largely digitally and then, depending on infection events and state regulations, expand the proportion of face-to-face teaching, particularly in the specialist practical subjects, for first-year students and the final-year classes. Our goal remains to guarantee your standard period of study.

All services such as Student Services, Examination Offices and Libraries are still open for you, partly after prior registration and with limited opening hours. When you come to campus, please observe our Corona protection and hygiene measures. Wearing a medical mask is mandatory throughout the university.

The university buildings remain accessible, but we want to avoid general public traffic as far as possible for reasons of infection control, so we ask you to refrain from non-essential travel to the sites and to clarify your concerns by telephone or eMail.

The mask requirement remains unchanged and exists in all rooms and in all teaching and practice situations, regardless of whether a minimum distance can be maintained or not.

As an educational institution, we are well equipped to deal with the current challenges. We are in close contact with the health and regulatory authorities at all locations and always update the local hygiene concepts based on the official requirements.

We thank you for your cooperation in complying with and implementing the protective measures, but also very much for your understanding that the university has to adjust to changing specifications almost daily, which cannot remain without an impact on study operations. With your support, we will continue to make this a successful semester together.