Alumni in Focus 2/2

Alumni in Focus 2/2

Welcome to our series of articles about the careers and careers as young professionals of former Digital Management students!

Alumna Sunny Uyen Le successfully completed her master’s degree in Digital Management at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne this year. What motivated you to study Digital Management back then? And where is she now in her career? In the following, she provides a few insights:

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Speaking about Fresenius Hochschule, I would love to say thank you for everyone who is working there and who is devoting their time and effort to students. I remember when I first came to Germany, there are many procedures I am not familiar with. The employees from international admission office helped me a lot, alongside with the Professor. Every time I had a question, or something was unclear, they were always willing to listen and provided me with advice. Not only the international student office, but the career center was also another helpful service for students, they helped me to correct my CV and guided me through the process of approaching the German job market. They regularly organize events to connect current students with Alumni, provide guest lectures, workshops etc. to helps students to learn different skills outside of their study program, meet a lot of representatives from famous companies and successful Alumni to listen to their insights which help students a lot after graduation. Since Hochschule Fresenius is located next to Startplatz – one of the biggest coworking spaces in Cologne for the Digital community, it offers students the chances to attend free meetups, workshops from experts and start-ups from different industries. There is a variety of topics related to Digital technology which students can listen to, industrial experts talking about their tactics, new ideas, current business problems and solutions in different business functions and technology areas. From there, students can have a closer look into the status quo of the industry and market.

The Master of Digital Management program is designed to provide students general business knowledges focused on digital business context, strategy development, understanding different advanced technologies and how to be creative to apply this new knowledge and technology to real Business Cases and solve problems. Students will have the chance to learn different interesting topics such as Digital Transformation and Innovation, E-commerce, Data Management etc. There are many Cases Studies and group projects which are incorporated with different companies that require students to solve real business problems, being creative and conduct self-study and development. I think it is a great opportunity for students to get to know the real industry, the market and to learn what are the requirements for the future career they want to pursue.

Personally, I would say choosing M.A Digital Management at Hochschule Fresenius was a successful investment for my career and self-development. I am proud to be who I am today, and the program definitely has its fair share in this. I have learned how to get used to new environments quickly, how to overcome different challenges with positive attitude and I have met many great people in Germany during this program. I hope that students who are planning to study in Germany, specifically M.A Digital Management at Hochschule Fresenius will have a better idea of what to expect when enrolling in this program. In conclusion, studying abroad brings tremendous, interesting experiences but also comes with challenges that require you to be strong and open to different adventures during the journey.

Yet don’t worry as there is a big community at Fresenius Hochschule willing to support and guide you through your studies.

– Sunny Uyen Le