ISPC 2021

ISPC 2021

We are happy to announce that the Proceedings of the „International Scientific-Practical Conference 2021“ with the title “Digital Management in Covid-19 Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Times“ are finalized by Springer and ready to ship.


> Presents the latest research, challenges, and solutions on digital management

> Includes contributions from researchers and practitioners

> Serves as a reference resource for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry


This book presents select contributions of the International Scientific-Practical Conference 2021 (ISCP 2021) organized by East European University (Georgia) and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences (Germany). It discusses the challenges of digital transformation during and after the pandemic and introduces advanced research and solutions from both academic and professional’s aspects. The topics covered include digitalization in social and corporate responsibility, e-commerce and digital entrepreneurship, and digitalization in education.

The book is an interesting read for researchers and professionals interested in digital management. The Proceedings ISPC 2021 are available as eBook or as Softcover Book.



I. Digitalization in Social and Corporate Responsibility

Barriers to Digital Business and Challenges of Social Innovations in Georgia, Mikheil Tokmazashvili

The Impact of the Covid Pandemic on Consumer Ethics and corporate responsibility, Hendrik Müller

The Importance of Digitalization of Legal Documents Preparing Process and Its Impact on Peoples’ Legal Guarantees, Levan Gorelashvili

Stakeholder Interests in the Support Landscape of for-profit Incubators, Robin Kracht

Customer Persuasion and Branding Through Digital Communication During Covid-19, Zurabi Jankhoteli

II. E-Commerce and Digital Entrepreneurship

Social commerce—Origin and Meaning, Richard C. Geibel and Robin Kracht

Integrated Digital Sales Platform for the Solution of Customer Needs, Antonia Louisa Biel

Social Commerce as a Value Driver— Opportunities and Limitations of Direct Sales, Franziska Niemann

E-commerce, Digital Transformation, and the Environment, in the Context of Covid-19, Tamar Abzianidze

Evaluation of Intrapreneurship in Business Innovation—an Analysis Between Scale-Ups and Big Corporations, Nieki Hashemi How We Digitalized Local Businesses During Pandemic, Mamuka Ghaghanidze

The Challenges of Digital Leadership—a Critical Analysis in Times of Disruptive Changes, Ines El Akid

Digitalization in Medicine: A Critical Analysis of Chances and Challenges, Jinane Benajiba

III. Digitalization in Education

Digitalization of Corporate Learning, Simon Schoop

Vision for Increasing University Scientific Potential Under the Modern Conditions, Shalva Machavariani and Temur Maisuradze

Decision-Making Process Transformation in Post-Covid-19 World in Higher Educational Institutions, Tamta Lekishvili, and Vasil Kikutadze

Pathway for Elaborating Model of Culture of Innovation and Creativity at Universities as Prerequisite for Their Performance, Tatia Gherkenashvili

Digital Transformation in Education_Self-study System “Cyber3s”, Tea Munjishvili, Zviad Sigua, and Teona Shugliashvili


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About the authors:

Prof. Dr. Richard Geibel heads the E-Commerce Institute, which develops business management concepts for companies and associations based on scientific research. He was Dean of the Master’s Program “Digital Management” and for more than 10 years Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. His research focuses on digital transformation, e-commerce, and digital entrepreneurship. As an alumnus of MIT, Cambridge, Mass., USA, he regularly works with researchers from the Sloan School of Management.

Prof. Dr. Shalva Machavariani is Vice-rector for Scientific Affairs at East European University, Tbilisi, Georgia. He is also the Chairman of the Dissertation Council of the Faculty of Business and Engineering at the EEU. Throughout various years he held the position of the head of the investment Department of the Scientific-Research Institute of Economics and Planning; the Reform Group of the Chancellery of the Government of Georgia; Senior Advisor to the Economic Commission of the Parliament of Georgia; Head of the “O” component of the World Banks’ Program “Higher Education Reform in Georgia”; Co-Chair of the American University and Georg Masson University Program on “Economic Crime and Money Laundering in Georgia;  Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs at Tbilisi State Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Caucasus University. He is the author of several manuals, and a participant and organizer of dozens of scientific conferences, seminars, and research. Scientific editor of up to 20 collections of scientific papers. Supervisor and scientific editor of Georgian translation projects of 4 global editions, author of 64 scientific publications and 2 inventions (patents).