Building trustful shopping identities

Building trustful shopping identities

The SDI4ECom initiative, in collaboration with PIA econda and PIA UDG, as well as the Research Center for Computer Science and Hochschule Offenburg, aims to give customers full control over their data in the realm of online shopping. Through this research project, customers can build their own shopping identities, ensuring that their data is protected and under their control.

To preserve consumers’ shopping identities, strict data protection policies must be adhered to. However, this can be disadvantageous for companies as data is invaluable, particularly in E-commerce. Personalized customer experiences and product recommendations rely on data, enhancing the enjoyment and convenience of online shopping, and increasing product relevance. Nonetheless, consumers often lack proper control over the information collected about them and its usage, despite the existence of robust data protection laws aimed at safeguarding them.


Personalized shopping experience – only with data

Philipp Sorg, Managing Director of PIA econda, actively emphasizes that every consumer desires a personalized shopping experience. Moreover, many are willing to trustfully provide data to a shop or other service providers. However, current cookie banners fail to meet this requirement. Urgent action is needed for the benefit of customers and shop owners.

The SDI4ECom project takes active measures to address this issue. It is working on the foundations of a digital shopping profile based on secure and self-sovereign digital identities, which can be implemented across Europe. As a result, consumers gain active control over their data and can decide what information to share. Companies can utilize relevant customer data without violating data privacy. The project fosters a balanced relationship between consumers and E-commerce businesses, built on trust, privacy, and individual sovereignty.

Wallets and Self-Sovereign Identity

The SDI4ECom project focuses on the idea of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) to support shopping identities. SSI enables users to retain full control over their personal data and decide which information they want to share with companies. Personal wallets act as secure data storage, facilitating organized data management, creating a win-win situation with consumer protection and personalized offerings for companies.

“Currently, online shoppers have limited opportunities to selectively and easily share their data and preferences. With the introduction of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), the SDI4ECom project achieves a significant milestone in e-commerce. Users can independently manage their data and preferences, leading to individual shopping experiences while safeguarding privacy. SDI4ECom thus makes a substantial contribution to promoting a secure and personalized online shopping landscape,” says Simone Braun, Professor of E-Commerce at the University of Offenburg.

Wallets for shaping shopping identity

The SDI4ECom project has actively developed solutions specifically targeted for the E-commerce sector. Consumers can use wallets to shape their shopping identities and decide which data to share with online shops. Additionally, this customization enables better personalization, strengthening customer loyalty as companies actively cater to customer needs. Wallets ensure full control over data, actively safeguarding privacy.

Revolution in Data Management in E-Commerce

The SDI4ECom project promises a sustainable change in data handling in E-commerce and sets new standards for consumer privacy and data sovereignty. It combines innovative technologies like SSI and Wallets to create a solution that benefits both businesses and consumers. The project focuses on improving Customer Experience, increasing Conversion Rates, and enhancing satisfaction to shape the future of online shopping and the digital world. Furthermore, the step-by-step development of self-sovereign shopping identities holds potential for application in other privacy-sensitive industries.