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General Legally Compliant Facebook Marketing

Legally Compliant Facebook Marketing

Companies need to invest in Facebook Marketing, as well as other social media platforms, to be successful in online marketing. However, it is crucial to take professional and legally correct measures to maintain the trust of users. Regardless of your experience, this article provides legal guidelines for creating and using a Facebook business page. Reasons …

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General 7 Tipps to Make the Most of Black Friday

7 Tipps to Make the Most of Black Friday

Every year, online shops prepare for the big business ahead, traditionally starting in Germany with the discount battle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, seamlessly transitioning into the holiday shopping rush. It doesn’t take any special predictive abilities to foresee record e-commerce revenues on Black Friday this year. According to Emarsys.com, global retailers have been …

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General “Start with Tiktok”: the webinar

“Start with Tiktok”: the webinar

The Startplatz will host the webinar “Start with TikTok” in the next few days. This is aimed at startups, founders, and companies that want to use TikTok as a marketing and advertising platform. The live online event offers expert knowledge and individual consultation to help participants optimize their social media strategies and present their products …

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