Social Commerce on Live TV at the interpack trade fair

Social Commerce on Live TV at the interpack trade fair

Review of the interpack trade fair:

The E-Commerce Institute, represented by the head of the institute Prof. Geibel and a project manager of the institute, Victoria Frings, had the opportunity to give an exciting live lecture on social commerce at the Interpack trade fair 2023 on Friday, 05.05.2023. The talk was also recorded on live TV at the Interpack trade fair.
In addition to the products and solutions, there will also be numerous presentations and discussions on current topics and trends in the packaging industry at the trade fair. Here, visitors can expand their knowledge and exchange ideas with experts.


All in all, Interpack offers an excellent platform for finding out about the latest developments in the packaging industry and making new contacts. Especially in times of climate change and increasing environmental impact, it is essential that the industry continuously develops and offers sustainable solutions.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is an increasingly important topic that describes the seamless sale and distribution of products and services via social media. It is a fusion of e-commerce and social media that is changing the sales market and gaining increasing importance and success.
A new sales channel is created by implementing e-commerce capabilities in social media. Products can be bought and sold directly and seamlessly through a social media platform without the customer having to leave the platform. This provides tremendous value to customers and businesses.
The features of social commerce and the seamless transaction via social media shorten the traditional Customer Journey to a maximum and transform it into a Consumer Moment. The conventional Customer Journey has weaknesses, such as the numerous touchpoints that risk losing a customer on the way to the transaction. Social commerce offers the perfect solution by combining everything into one moment of truth, a Consumer Moment.
Social commerce and a future social commerce strategy are also hugely important for your business. The E-Commerce Institute offers an initial feasibility study and collaboration.
Overall, the visit and appearance of the E-Commerce Institute at the Interpack trade fair 2023 was a great success. The live presentation on social commerce drew attention to the importance of this topic and made a connection to change and sustainable packaging and shipping of products. You can find out why social commerce and a future social commerce strategy are also crucial for your company. For a first feasibility study and cooperation with the E-Commerce Institute, please get in touch with us:

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