Flipkart’s language assistant shoots down Amazon

Flipkart’s language assistant shoots down Amazon

Intelligent voice recognition should make the buying experience easier, especially for Indian customers
Flipkart: Shopping-Sprachassistent entwickelt (Foto: facebook.com, Flipkart)
Flipkart: Shopping-Sprachassistent entwickelt (Foto: facebook.com, Flipkart)


Bangalore/Cologne (pte021/09.06.2020/13:48) – The Indian online mail order company Flipkart http://flipkart.com has developed its own language assistant for online shopping. Customers can use voice commands on the platform to help them find offers and make actual purchases. With this application, the Walmart subsidiary Amazon wants to compete in India.

“Similar to natural shopping experience”

“A language assistant is more similar to the natural shopping experience in a store than the time-consuming typing on the keyboard, making it an ideal combination of ordinary shopping and online shopping. Particularly in developing countries, where more people have smartphones than computers, it is a good approach that will gain a lot in the future,” explains Richard Geibel, head of the E-Commerce Institute Cologne http://ecommerceinstitut.de, in an interview with pressetext.

Artificial intelligence is currently only available on Android smartphones, but an iOS version is also planned. The language assistant can speak both Hindi and English. According to Flipkart, however, he will learn other languages in the future. Especially customers who are not very familiar with keyboards will benefit from this, according to the company.

Indians love recognition of language

In India, hundreds of millions of people have gained access to the Internet in the last ten years. Nevertheless, for many, searching online with the keyboard is cumbersome, especially in English. Voice recognition is therefore very popular. According to Google, online searches with voice commands on the subcontinent have almost tripled just in the past year. The provider Flipkart, which is in direct competition with Amazon, now wants to conquer this niche with the language assistant.

“Classic providers like Walmart are currently engaged in a big neck-and-neck race with e-commerce companies like Amazon. They don’t want to give up the online sector; especially in times of the coronavirus pandemic, market share is crucial here,” Geibel concludes in an interview with pressetext.

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