Amazon focuses on independent retailers

Amazon focuses on independent retailers

High demand due to Corona – algorithm favours sellers who regulate delivery themselves

Seattle/Cologne (pte033/31.03.2020/13:35) – The e-commerce titan Amazon is increasingly moving into the spotlight as an independent retailer that handles its own deliveries. In order to be able to cope with the massive increase in demand due to the corona virus, the company has adjusted its algorithm to place such sellers higher up in the “buy box”, i.e. the shopping cart field.

“Dependent on e-commerce”

“For Amazon, the coronavirus gives them a big advantage. Not only has demand increased massively, there are also a large number of shops that now rely on e-commerce. Instead of laboriously building up their own online shop, most of them will join Amazon, which will massively strengthen their platform”, Richard Geibel, head of the E-Commerce Institute Cologne , told pressetext.

In recent weeks, Amazon has come under pressure due to the flood of orders and has decided to give priority to essential goods such as household products and medical items for delivery. All other goods are therefore affected by significantly longer delivery times. Independent traders who are not dependent on Amazon’s delivery system are now to provide relief.

Independent faster than Amazon Prime 

So when consumers on Amazon click on the shopping cart button for a product, it is much more likely than before to purchase the item from an independent seller who organizes the delivery himself. Even Amazon prime customers are currently better advised to order from such vendors because their delivery times are almost certainly shorter.





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