Master’s Thesis by Bahareh Khademhamedani

Master’s Thesis by Bahareh Khademhamedani

On special occasions we present insights into outstanding achievements of master’s students in the ‘Thesis’ section. Today, discover the work of an ambitious graduate shaping the future of E-Commerce.

Bahareh is a dynamic professional with a proven track record in management. Armed with a Master’s degree in Digital Management and Mathematical Statistics, she has not only excelled in academia but has also made a significant impact as an author with books such as ‘Celestia Infernum,’ ‘The Art of Negotiating with Parents,’ ‘Quantum Rhythm,’ ‘Spirit of Time,’ ‘Colors and Smiles,’ and ‘From School to Class.’

Master's Thesis

With a solid foundation as a teacher, Bahareh has developed her skills in leadership, teamwork, and innovation. Her passion for learning and her ability to achieve results make her a powerful figure in the field of management.

Below, we present two of her articles on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in higher education and its transformative impact on the e-commerce sector.

AI in Education_Bahareh Khademhamedani

Integrating AI in Education_Bahareh Khademhamedani

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