An interview with Richard Geibel: The Future of Social Commerce

An interview with Richard Geibel: The Future of Social Commerce

In an exciting interview with E-commerce expert Richard C. Geibel, we shed light on current trends in online commerce. Richard Geibel explains how online retailers are responding to post-pandemic challenges and the opportunities that arise for traditional brands.

A central trend is the merging of social media and e-commerce. Platforms like Amazon are embracing live shopping with celebrities and influencers. This integration creates a seamless customer journey, revolutionizing the shopping experience and changing the rules of the game.

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Geibel emphasizes that brick-and-mortar retail, especially for high-end goods, remains relevant. Unique shopping experiences, omnichannel strategies, and seamless integration of online and offline channels are crucial for future success.

The interview also examines challenges for traditional providers and discusses strategies employed by companies like Zalando. Geibel analyzes cultural differences in customer communication, particularly regarding pricing policies.

Read the full interview on the Deka Investments website.

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