AI Startup Weekend Hackathon

AI Startup Weekend Hackathon

At the AI Startup Weekend / AI Hackathon, innovative minds and visionary developers come together to push the boundaries of generative artificial intelligence. From idea to prototype in just 54 hours – become part of this inspiring journey.

The fascination of generative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates content that we perceive as meaningful – texts, images, music, and more. This revolutionary technology democratizes creative processes and opens up unlimited possibilities.

Our mission: shaping AI together

The AI Startup Weekend / AI Hackathon provides a platform to explore the potentials of generative AI and develop sustainable solutions. It’s about building prototypes, shaping business models, and building a network that lasts beyond the event.

The best of both worlds: Startup Weekend and Hackathon

We combine the format of Startup Weekends with that of a Hackathon. This means multidisciplinary teamwork, intensive learning, and the implementation of ideas in a dynamic environment.

Event schedule

Connect with innovators and experts

The AI Startup Weekend / AI Hackathon not only offers the opportunity to work on innovative projects but also the chance to build valuable connections. Use the breaks, interactive sessions, and collaborative project work to engage with like-minded participants, experienced mentors, and industry leaders. These encounters can lay the groundwork for future collaborations and long-term professional relationships.

Draw inspiration from success stories

In the past, participants of Startup Weekends and Hackathons have developed groundbreaking ideas that have turned into successful startups. These stories serve as proof that something great can be achieved in just one weekend. Draw inspiration from these success stories and be motivated to write your own.

Important information for participants

Prepare to be part of a dynamic and intensive weekend. All you need to bring is your curiosity and willingness to learn and share. We recommend bringing a laptop, chargers, and anything else you need for productive work time. The exact team size and details about the pitching process will be announced at the beginning of the event. Be ready to work in teams, learn, and create something incredible.

Registration process and participation fees

The participation fee is 90 euros including VAT.

When: March 15, 2024, 13:00 PM to March 17, 2024, 5:00 PM (Multi-day event)

Where: Cologne

For more information, FAQs, and tickets, click here.

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