How to make your online store mobile ready

How to make your online store mobile ready


How does my online store become mobile-enabled?

The smartphone has become a constant companion in everyday life for many people, and it is being used more and more frequently for online shopping. To meet the needs and behavior of customers, companies need to make their online presence mobile-enabled. A mobile-enabled online store offers numerous benefits, including better search engine rankings, more website visitors, improved usability, and fewer abandoned purchases. Mobile First is no longer perceived as a trend in the e-commerce industry but creates novel prerequisites for an online store.

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To ensure a mobile-ready website, some critical criteria should be considered:

  1. Readable content: The website’s design should automatically adapt to the screen size of the end device, and texts, as well as images, should be easy to read without horizontal scrolling or zooming.
  2. Easy navigation: The navigation elements should be easily recognizable and accessible, as smartphones and tablets are operated via touchscreen.
  3. Short loading time: To avoid lengthy waiting times, data volumes for mobile devices should be kept low, for example, by compressing image files.
  4. Reduction of pop-ups: Pop-up windows can lead to longer loading times for mobile accesses and should therefore be avoided.
  5. Mobile payment options: To minimize purchase abandonment, various mobile payment systems such as PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay should be offered.


There are two approaches to making an online store mobile-friendly:

  • Responsive web design: where content automatically adapts to the screen size of the accessing device and is scaled and arranged accordingly to ensure good readability and usability.
  • Mobile-first design: this method focuses first on designing for mobile devices and then adapts the website for desktop views to ensure optimal functionality on mobile devices.


A mobile-ready website is clear, offers easy-to-read content, has a short load time, and has apparent links and buttons.

To test the mobile capability of an online store, there are free websites such as the Google Mobile-Friendly Test and the IONOS Website Checker. It is also advisable to regularly monitor the website’s performance on mobile devices and use tracking tools to analyze the number of mobile hits and visitors’ dwell times.

Overall, businesses must optimize their websites for mobile devices to provide a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers while boosting their presence in search engines.

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