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General The jobs AI won’t take yet

The jobs AI won’t take yet

Image source: Pixabay   Since the start of the industrial revolution, there have been threats that new machines – from mechanized looms to microchips – would usurp human jobs. For the most part, the humans have prevailed. Now, say some experts, with AI ubiquity on the horizon, the threat’s being realized: the robots really are …

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General AI ethics: 5 key pillars

AI ethics: 5 key pillars

Image source: Pixabay Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), often imagined as self-driving cars or human-like robots, is flourishing at the enterprise level as practical business use cases increase. Many companies rely on AI/ML to expedite internal processes, automate mundane tasks, and reduce human error. But some businesses fail to consider that AI ethics are essential …

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