Only 20% of B2B traders effectively utilize CRM and AI

Only 20% of B2B traders effectively utilize CRM and AI

In B2B marketing, remote work and project management programs are widely used. However, according to a study, too few companies are still using platforms for data-based advertising control.


The study “Digitalization Level 2023 in B2B Marketing” by the Federal Association of Industrial Communication (bvik) shows that Marketing Technologies (MarTech) now play a central role in success-oriented control and process optimization in companies. Collaboration with Telekom MMS and the University of Media emphasizes that despite progress in the industry’s digital transformation, there is still untapped potential. Remarkably, remote work is nearly 100% established, influencing new processes in digital collaboration.

The study results emphasize that both online meetings and implemented MarTech solutions are crucial in the B2B sector for performance-oriented control and process optimization. Ramona Kaden, CEO of bvik, explains, “Since the first implementation of our digitalization study in 2020, marketing landscapes have changed significantly: technological innovations, new work methods, New Work, and increased collaboration across departmental boundaries shape modern B2B marketing. AI solutions are the next step.”

Through the use of technologies such as CRM systems or marketing automation, marketing and sales are brought closer together to achieve company goals regarding revenue and customer retention.

AI Application in Focus: CRM as a Niche Solution

The introduction of new working time models and collaboration forms, both internally and externally, leads to innovative processes. Currently, more than 60% of surveyed companies use project management software like Jira, Trello, or other integrated tools to improve collaboration and process control. This development highlights the adaptability of the industry and emphasizes the increasing importance of digital tools to cope with growing challenges in B2B marketing.

The bvik study illustrates the progress of the B2B sector in terms of digital transformation but also reveals weaknesses in MarTech implementation. About a fifth of respondents still do not use a CRM system, which is essential as a central platform for data-based marketing control.

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