Guest lectures on Digitalization – Mara Bergmann and Diana zur Löwen

Guest lectures on Digitalization – Mara Bergmann and Diana zur Löwen

Cologne, 29-11-2017 In two guest lectures at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, journalist Mara Bergmann and influencer Diana zur Löwen offered students of the Digital Management (M.A.) course of study led by Dean of Studies Prof. Richard Geibel exciting insights into their professional and entrepreneurial careers in times of increasing digitalisation.



In her presentation, Mara Bergmann began by emphasizing the influence of digitization on journalism, which she has observed in the course of her own career. Especially in her professional field, she said, it is important to use the innovations and think in multimedia terms:

“We journalists tell our stories on all platforms. We have to adapt to many new technologies and this will continue. So: be flexible and open for new things!”

Overall, the presenter was open-minded and optimistic about the innovations of the digital age:

“I see digitalization as a great opportunity for our future. The digital world of things that is coming has many surprises in store for us that we have not even dreamed of.”

Another topic in this context is networking, which has become more flexible and faster as a result of digital change. The intensive exchange with colleagues forms a stable foundation for journalistic work.

Finally, Mara Bergmann described her professional career: After studying journalism at the TU Dortmund University, she completed a traineeship at ZDF, followed by work as a reporter, editor and presenter. In addition to her current job as a news anchor at the news channel n-tv, she also works as an event presenter and presentation trainer. For this purpose she founded a media agency together with singer and vocal coach Pamela Falcon about a year ago, which trains clients to speak professionally and perform on stage. In this way, Bergmann can pass on her moderation expertise and her experience as a speaker for radio plays and TV within the framework of her own company and has created a second mainstay for herself alongside journalism.

In the second lecture, entrepreneur and influencer Diana zur Löwen gave the students a look behind the scenes of the trend influencer marketing – fitting to the topic of digitalization. She has been professionally active in the social media sector, on the platforms YouTube, Instagram and in podcasts for four years now. With this wealth of experience, she has been able to give students valuable tips and advice on how to set up successful social media and YouTube campaigns.

Finally, the successful influencer took a lot of time to answer the numerous questions of the interested students.