Empowerment Stories – The event chain from Startplatz Vol. 2

Empowerment Stories – The event chain from Startplatz Vol. 2

Empowerment Stories: The new event chain from Startplatz

Empowerment Stories

Vol. 2 Stability, but also Growth

Still, only 15.1% of founders are women. This is exactly where Empowerment Stories comes in; Startplatz wants to encourage and network women to make it big with their idea.


What is “Empowerment Stories“?
The event chain is aimed at women interested in founding a company and female founders in the first stage. With this small event series, we want to encourage women to become part of the startup scene and take the next step.

What can you take away from “Empowerment Stories”?

In our first session, “Experiences and Challenges”, Céleste Kleinjans described her path to successfully founding the startup MINDZEIT and offered tips and advice to founders and those who would like to become founders.

In our second session we would like to encourage founders to think big with their ideas. Statistically, female founders are much more often focused on a particularly stable growth. This is a very commendable approach, but one that sometimes causes problems, especially with investors, and where potential is sometimes “left by the wayside”. We would like to encourage women to think big about their idea!


Who is Empowerment Stories aimed at?

The event chain is aimed at female founders and people interested in founding a company, we want to create a so-called “safe space”.


When: 26.07.2021 from 2-3:15pm.

Where: The session will take place as a Zoom meeting. You will receive the link after registration.

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