Empowerment Stories – Investor Talk & Pitch

Empowerment Stories – Investor Talk & Pitch

Empowerment Stories: The new chain of events from Startplatz

Still, only 15.1% of founders are women. This is exactly where Empowerment Stories comes in; Startplatz wants to encourage and network women to make it big with their idea.

Are you a female founder and want to practice your pitch? Are you interested in getting more insights into startup investing? Talk to Paulina Banszerus – Investment Analyst at JOIN Captial and join us for the next session “Empowerment Stories”!

What is “Empowerment Stories?”
This chain of events is aimed at women interested in starting a business and first-time founders. With this small event series, we want to encourage women to become part of the startup scene and take the next step.

Who is Empowerment Stories aimed at?

The event chain is aimed at female founders and people interested in founding a company. We want to create a so-called “safe space”.

Tackling investments, but how?

The focus in this session is on investment strategies for your startup (idea). We have invited Paulina – Investment Analyst from JOIN Capital – to answer all your questions! We will also give you the opportunity to prepare a pitch and practice your pitch in front of Paulina for feedback. You will also have the opportunity to share and meet with other like-minded women entrepreneurs.

Meet Paulina from JOIN CAPITAL

Paulina is an investment analyst at JOIN Capital. She has a background in materials engineering from RWTH Aachen University and joined the Berlin startup scene after graduation. After experiencing the downside of financial constraints in the startup scene and losing her business development position at a cybersecurity startup, Paulina turned to venture capital – where her unique perspective was very valuable. Before becoming part of JOIN Capital, she was a member of the investment team at early-stage investor APX.


We are looking forward to meeting you!

When: 07/27/2021 from 14:00 to 15:15.
Where: The session will be held as a Zoom Meeting. You will receive the link after registration. Register now!