Microsoft Clarity: the new analytics platform

Microsoft Clarity: the new analytics platform

Since October 28th 2020, website publishers and professionals of marketing have a new tool to analyze the statistics of a website. The date is when Microsoft launched Clarity, a platform that registers the behaviour of users on the website, such as interactions, engagements and sessions.

It offers a good complement to Google Analytics with the recording of sessions and heat maps, which allows observing where the user is clicking. Through the recording of sessions, it is possible to check excessive mouse-scrolling, cursor movements, clicks and  where the user paused. Through heat maps, website managers can understand what are the most read areas of a page and if the layout should be improved. During the video playback, markers appear indicating when the clicks occurred.

Microsoft Clarity 2

Another tool is the personalized tags and filters. It is possible to combine filters such as insights (dead clicks, excessive scrolling, quick backs, rage clicks…), user actions (selected text, resized page), country, device and browser. These filters allow a good analysis of the user interface. Rage clicks, for instance, indicates repeated clicking of a button or link, while dead clicks show a user interactivity where no interaction happened. Clarity isn’t a replacement for Google Analytics but it is a powerful complementary tool.

Microsoft Clarity panel