Guest lectures with TikTok and Meta

Guest lectures with TikTok and Meta

Guest lectures by TikTok and Meta

Guest lectures: Fresenius University of Applied Sciences invited two industry experts from the social media world to give a lecture on Friday, April 8. The audience of around 70 had the opportunity to actively participate in the lectures.

The first guest lecture was given by Deniz Anic (TikTok). In his presentation, he focused in particular on customer acquisition and marketing approaches and strategies on the fast-growing social media platform. In addition, the audience could actively participate in a discussion round and thus ask specific questions.

The second guest lecture was given by Lina Poka from the Meta. She gave the participants an insight into paid social media campaigns, with a particular focus on the topics of target group analysis and targeting, as well as data analysis.


The following are some impressions from TikTok’s presentation.


Fig.1: Creator Fame Flywheel (Source: Deniz Anic)


Fig.2: Marketing Objectives (Source: Deniz Anic)



Fig.3: The For You Feed (Source: Deniz Anic)

Guest lectures

Fig.4: TikTok Screen Description (Source: Deniz Anic)


We would like to thank Deniz Anic and Lina Poka for these exciting contributions! We are already looking forward to the next guest lectures!

On 13.5 we will continue with an exciting lecture. Michael Weymans is the founder of the Blockchain Academy and Bitcoin-Beginner and will give us insights into the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and much more.