Gründen ist auch Frauensache: The event series continues!

Gründen ist auch Frauensache: The event series continues!

“Gründen ist auch Frauensache”: The event series of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

There are still fewer women than men who dare to start their own business. Still only 15.1 % of the founders are women. Many different theses are put forward for this: “Women are more cautious”, “Women prefer to start a family. Starting a business does not fit into family planning.”


The Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is looking into these issues and hosted the first event in the series “Gründen ist auch Frauenensache” (Founding is also a women’s issue) back in June 2015.  The HSF invited participants to a discussion led by Prof. Dr. Richard Geibel. The two HSF graduates and successful founders Martina Töpfer and Phillis Maaß presented their business models and experiences. You can find a short review in the event sheet and in the following video:


Due to the Corona pandemic, the event series unfortunately also had to suffer, especially last year. But now it finally goes into the next round! It is supported by the new event series “Empowerment Stories” from Startplatz Cologne! This already went with the theme “Vol. 1 Experiences & Challenges” in the first round.


What is “Empowerment Stories“?
Empowerment Stories is aimed at women interested in founding a company and first-time founders. With this small event series, women are aimed to be encouraged to become part of the startup scene and take the next step.

What can you take away from “Empowerment Stories”?
In the first session “Experiences and Challenges” the focus is on networking and empowering women among each other. For this purpose, we Céleste Kleinjans, Co-Founder of MINDZEIT®, was invited as a speaker. She shared her personal experiences and answered several questions. Furthermore, there was an impulse lecture by the “Women’s Entrepreneurs in Science Club”, who is be there with advice and support from their many years of experience! More sessions will take place in July, more details will be posted on the website of Startplatz soon.

About Céleste and MINDZEIT

MINDZEIT® is the first intelligent and emotion-sensitive anti-stress app that can respond to the acute needs of users and provides them with a perfectly suitable exercise from the areas of mindfulness, meditation and body at any time and anywhere. The unique user journey also generates high user acceptance. This is the key to making mind training as natural as sports or healthy eating.

Céleste Kleinjans is an expert in machine ethics, human-technology interaction, mindfulness and technology philosophy. She developed the idea for MINDZEIT® on the basis of her main areas of expertise and convinced leading scientists (brain research, stress research and psychology) of her concept.



Want to stay up to date for the next events in this series? Visit the event page of Startplatz for more information!