FedEx launches E-commerce platform in the fall

FedEx launches E-commerce platform in the fall

FedEx plans a fall launch for its fdx eCommerce platform, aiming to optimize various aspects for merchants. The platform consolidates existing tools and introduces new features, including real-time network insights. FedEx’s move to a digitally-led model follows a reorganization and increased competition with Amazon in eCommerce deliveries.

FedEx is set to introduce an eCommerce platform in the fall. The upcoming fdx platform aims to assist eCommerce merchants in optimizing various aspects, including demand, conversion, fulfillment, carbon footprint, visibility, post-purchase, and returns. According to a press release on Sunday (Jan. 14), FedEx President and CEO Raj Subramaniam stated, “FedEx is transforming into a digitally-led business powered by our extensive physical transportation network, leveraging our scale and insights from moving 15 million packages per day.”


The fdx offering will consolidate several of FedEx’s existing digital capabilities on one platform, such as tools to boost consumer demand through the ShopRunner member network, provide estimated delivery dates and updates, offer real-time shipment tracking, access carbon emissions data, and manage returns. Additionally, the platform will introduce two new capabilities: integrating real-time FedEx network insights into order management systems and creating a customized post-purchase experience.

While the official public launch of the platform is slated for the fall, an exclusive private preview is currently accessible upon request. Subramaniam underscored the commitment, stating, “Through fdx, we aim to not only foster but also enhance our longstanding relationships with merchants of all sizes, empowering them to optimize and foster growth within their businesses through the strategic application of digital intelligence.”

This announcement follows FedEx’s reorganization about nine months ago, aligning the company with a model driven by eCommerce rather than its previous focus on B2B services. This shift has led to increased competition with Amazon, particularly in the realm of eCommerce deliveries. In a related development, FedEx subsidiary ShopRunner unveiled a new mobile app in November 2022. The app provides a unified platform for discovering, ordering, tracking, and returning products from multiple brands and retailers, streamlining the online shopping experience. These innovations come as Amazon expands its logistics network, putting pressure on major shippers and extending its fulfillment services to a wider range of partners.

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