E-Commerce Trends 2021

E-Commerce Trends 2021

E-commerce interests are changing

What are the upcoming e-commerce trends? Where does online retail stand? And what do consumers expect from online stores? 

Ecommerce Trends

You can’t miss these trends to be a pioneer!

Digital interactions are increasing and online product research is on the rise. However, mobile devices in particular are gaining in importance. By the end of 2021, 73% of all e-commerce sales are expected to take place via mobile devices. Progressive web apps and the use of voice control are particularly in vogue.

But e-commerce shoppers value a great shopping experience above all. The customer experience is therefore considered the most important differentiator for online stores. In this area, an online store should master the components of speed, convenience, consistency, friendliness, and the use of “human-like” technology. In addition, the provision of comprehensive product information is considered the basis for making the best possible purchasing decision. Since customers cannot estimate the size or color of products, or touch and smell them, online stores must play out diverse content elements. For example, comprehensive product descriptions, background information, photos and videos.

However, videos are not only helpful for customers on the individual product pages of online stores; video streaming is also becoming increasingly popular. The option of live streaming is already widespread, for example on Instagram. However, another trend emerging this year is multi-streaming, which enables live broadcasting of video formats on multiple channels at the same time.

Beyond that, however, awareness of sustainability is also growing among e-commerce shoppers. Customers prefer online stores that take care of the environment and also reflect and communicate this on their site. This is particularly important for the younger generations.

All in all, an online store must get to know its customers by analyzing its data and can thus optimally satisfy the needs of its target group. However, in order to be a pioneer in online stores, trends must be identified and applied at an early stage. In order to be able to constantly accompany customers, the use of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in mobile commerce offers a current solution option. If you would like to learn more about the e-commerce trend PWA, click here.