STEEREON – Digital Management Alumnus founded start-up for folding electric scooters

STEEREON – Digital Management Alumnus founded start-up for folding electric scooters

The new STEEREON models C20 and C25 – Cologne start-up still active and innovative


Maximilian Camp studied Digital Management at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne and is currently developing e-scooters and e-bikes that can even be folded together. Together with Felix Vreden and Marvin Panek, he founded the start-up STEEREON for this purpose.

Particularly in tight cities where parking space is limited and traffic jams are frequent, e-scooter drivers have a clear advantage: they are fast, agile and can park wherever they want.

Recently, the new STEEREON C(omfort) model has also been on the market. The C-series is designed to bridge the gap between e-bikes and e-scooters shooting and the most comfortable and bar-stable e-scooters on the market. The following points were important to the founders during product development:

  • Riding fun for everyone – the new version rides as good as a bicycle and is therefore very easy to learn. Sit on it, accelerate and drive off. We have already had more than 200 different people tested and have received only positive feedback for the particularly stable driving behavior.
  • Comfortably on the road while sitting – Most commercially available folding e-scooters are only available as standing vehicles. Unfortunately, in the long run the comfort is also lost. The new C-model is therefore available as a standing and sitting vehicle, similar to the S-model. So if you want to take it a bit easier, you will find the perfect mobility supplement here. An optionally available sprung seat post offers additional suspension comfort in addition to the standard pneumatic tires and the particularly soft saddle. This means that even paths off the paved road can be comfortably negotiated.
    A real all-rounder – STEEREON not only offers an adequate solution for the last mile, but also represents a competitive substitute for the bicycle or e-bike. Thanks to the long range, the powerful engine, the sophisticated chassis and the excellent riding comfort, even longer distances can be covered without problems. So if you are looking for a solution that allows you to cover longer distances without problems, the best way to convince yourself is to take a test ride.
  • Sporty & dynamic – For those who like it sportier, we offer the model variant C20, a stand-up vehicle again. Even when standing, the well-balanced chassis geometry is convincing all along the line. The long wheelbase, coupled with the large pneumatic tires and the unique standing position, result in particularly safe and easy handling. The C20 is probably currently the only e-scooter on the market that can be driven one-handed while standing, even without stability problems.
  • Fits in the Smart trunk – Despite its long wheelbase, the new C model even fits in the trunk of a Smart without having to fold down a seat. The innovative folding mechanism allows the vehicle to be folded and safely stowed away within seconds. An optionally available transport bag offers additional protection during transport. Of course, transport in public transport, on a boat or in a camper van is also possible without any problems.
  • Handmade in Cologne – quality and durability have been two of the essential requirements in the development of the C-model. Similar to the already available S-models, we only use high-quality brand components from the bicycle and e-bike industry. We also pay attention to a local value-added and supply chain in order to keep the ecological and social footprint as small as possible. STEEREON is particularly easy to service and maintain due to its modular design and is expected to be significantly more durable than the competition.

STEEREON C25 - Besonders sicherer und eiSTEEREON C - Passt in jeden Kofferraum.j


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