#5 Our own Podcast

#5 Our own Podcast

Listen to the fifth podcast of the E-Commerce Institute today!

The latest episode of the E-Commerce Institute deals with case studies in the study of digital management. What is a case study? To what extent do digital management students work with external companies? Why exactly should companies decide to cooperate with Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and DM students?

In this episode, Simone Schreiner and Antonia Biel talk about their practical experience with the insurance service provider  ACTINEO.

Simone Schreiner and Antonia Biel are currently both studying Digital Management in their third semester at HS Fresenius Cologne and are also engaged in the E-Commerce Institute. In the Digital Management study program, several Caste Studies will be conducted over the four semesters to ensure the practical relevance of the academic program. Such a case study is always carried out in cooperation with an external company. The students support the companies with expert knowledge in topics related to digitalization, proceed in a practice-oriented approach and at the same time learn from the companies what the current industry-specific issues are.


The past case study of the two of them took place in cooperation with the insurance service provider ACTINEO. The InsurTech is the German market leader for digital and medical services in personal injury management.


Enjoy the fifth episode of our podcast “Lesson Learned”!

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