Vudoo and AWS: Revolutionizing Shoppable Video Technology

Vudoo and AWS: Revolutionizing Shoppable Video Technology

The adtech startup Vudoo has been selected by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a partner for shoppable videos. This partnership strengthens Vudoo’s position as a leading eCommerce specialist and technology provider. Thanks to this selection, AWS partners worldwide can access Vudoo’s innovative in-stream checkout technology, which transforms content and ads into directly shoppable assets.


Vudoo’s video in-stream checkout feature allows users to complete purchases directly within the content they are interacting with. Conviniently, without switching to a separate browser. This seamless shopping experience not only significantly shortens the purchasing process but also increases the likelihood of a successful transaction. Since users can stay within their familiar environment. This functionality provides retailers and advertisers with valuable first-party data. As well as with customer insights, enabling them to gain deeper understandings of consumer behavior and preferences. These insights are crucial for the ability to create more targeted campaigns and improve customer retention.

Moreover, the shoppable video feature transforms video content and ads into interactive, directly shoppable assets. This technology enables personalized shopping experiences through unique, individual stories, engaging users on a more emotional level and thus increasing the likelihood of a purchase. This innovative feature offers significant added value for brands looking to make their advertising strategies more dynamic and effective.

Vudoo has partnered with prominent publishers such as News Corp, New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME), Are Media, and the independent agency Lex Labs. This collaboration allows Vudoo to make its technology accessible to a broad audience and maximize its reach. The startup has also facilitated campaigns for well-known global brands such as Hilton, Samsung, Moët & Chandon, Burberry, Dyson, and Lexus. This highlights the versatility and effectiveness of its platform.

Nick Morgan, Founder and CEO of Vudoo, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to be part of the AWS Partner Network. This relationship marks a milestone for Vudoo and cements our credibility as a leading eCommerce specialist and technology provider. It is a thorough selection process, and we look forward to working with AWS customers to create shoppable videos and achieve our goal of transforming the customer experience.”

International Presence with a London Office

In addition to its collaboration with AWS, Vudoo has recently expanded its international presence by launching its platform and opening an office in London. This growth underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing content commerce worldwide. The expansion to London represents a strategic move to be closer to the European markets and thus, better serve the needs of global customers.

Founded in 2017, Vudoo’s platform enables advertisers to create personalized journeys that captivate audiences and boost engagement. The company’s patented in-stream checkout feature streamlines the transaction process within content, increases conversion rates, and simplifies the sales funnel. Thanks to the solution’s low footprint, brands can seamlessly integrate these content commerce functions into their existing tech stack. For this, they do not need significant infrastructure upgrades. This provides a cost-effective way to fully leverage the power of interactive videos and maximize the ROI of marketing campaigns.

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