These strategies boost the performance of online shops

These strategies boost the performance of online shops

Welche grundlegenden Elemente sind unverzichtbar für jeden Onlineshop? Erfahre hier von den entscheidenden Strategien zur Steigerung deines Umsatzes – sei es durch die Anpassung an mobile Geräte, die Implementierung effektiver Treueprogramme oder die Umsetzung von Tipps für einen effizienteren Kundenservice.

In the current report from creativestyle, it is emphasized that “in today’s market environment, the future belongs to those who can convince with a quality product and an authentic story while employing modern technologies to enhance the customer experience.” This report from eCommerce experts recently focused on the top 20 German sports and outdoor shops.

Special attention was given to user experience, commonly referred to as Customer Experience in eCommerce. Customer Experience encompasses all customer interactions and experiences with a company or brand throughout the entire duration of their relationship. A negatively perceived customer experience can lead to customers not ordering from that online shop again – a nightmare for online retailers!

The report’s conclusion is that while the eCommerce industry is already well-positioned and steadily growing, there is still room for improvement. Seamless processes, technologically optimized shops, and well-thought-out additional services are not the standard but often the exception.


Creating the Perfect Shopping Experience: Tips for an All-Around Enjoyable Journey in eCommerce

In an ideal world, a sports fan discovers their dream jacket on a website, gets instant answers to their questions in a live chat, adds the product to the cart, pays conveniently with their preferred payment method, and receives their new jacket a few days later – eco-friendly packaged, without unnecessary filling material. However, the reality looks a bit different.

In eCommerce, customers often switch between different shops as quickly as when swiping on dating apps. And, as with online dating, for online shops looking for long-term connections, they must create unforgettable experiences. For shops, this means accompanying customers on their customer journey with high-quality content, expert advice, and personalized service, offering various payment options, shipping products in an environmentally friendly and climate-neutral manner, and thus making the entire shopping and after-sales process a thoroughly successful experience.

Mobile Optimization is a Must: Fast Load Times for Satisfied Customers and Better Google Ranking

A slow webshop? Absolute no-go! Studies show that customers abandon their purchases and do not return if the process takes too long. Optimal performance not only leads to fuller shopping carts and more loyal customers but also positively influences search engine rankings, as emphasized in the current creativestyle report. Additionally, more and more people use mobile devices to shop online.

Therefore, merchants and brands must ensure that their websites and apps are optimized for mobile devices to provide a seamless customer experience. Sport Bittl and Sport Scheck have successfully implemented this: They find themselves on the podium, both in terms of mobile and desktop performance. Also among the top three are Bike24 (Desktop Performance) and Campz (Mobile Performance).

Inspiring Content for Satisfied Customers: How High-Quality Articles and Tips Captivate

Each of the analyzed retailers has a blog filled with numerous fascinating and helpful articles and tips about sports and outdoor activities. The informatively presented content not only serves as a source of knowledge but also motivates people to engage in sports and equip themselves accordingly. The report notes that the quality of content within the top 20 is particularly remarkable: “Many well-structured blogs with valuable tips and motivation that inspire sports activities. Here, content is used and deployed meaningfully.” The standout performers in this area are Bergzeit and Bergfreunde.

Relationship Hack Number One: Comprehensive Service for Enthusiastic Customers

For customers today, comprehensive service is paramount: spontaneous chats with the service center, obtaining product information on the go through an app, and resolving standard queries 24/7 through intelligent FAQ centers and chatbots – seamlessly switching between various touchpoints. The significance of excellent customer service is often underestimated in eCommerce, according to the experts at creativestyle. The more communication channels available, the better.

Blue Tomato excels in this regard with various communication channels, including a live chat. Sport Bittl stands out in the stress test with two questions: an impressive 13-minute response time and very good answer quality.

Diversity for All: Extensive Range of Payment Methods in Focus

Consumer payment preferences vary significantly, and the top 20 online shops reflect this diversity. For example, all 20 shops offer credit card payments, while the offering for immediate bank transfers or purchase on account is somewhat smaller. Nevertheless, the creativestyle report highlights that the sports and outdoor industry is well-positioned, offering an average of five different payment methods.

Clear leaders in this area are Blue Tomato and Camps, offering an impressive eight out of 15 different payment options. Close behind are 11Teamsports and Fahrrad XXL, each with seven out of 15 options.

Small Tokens, Big Bond: How Loyalty Programs Foster Customer Friendships

In the world of online retail, characterized by intense competition, it is crucial to bind customers and gain regular buyers. This involves personalized offers, loyalty programs, and newsletters.

Loyalty programs that provide real added value have proven to have positive effects on customer relationships. An example is Bergzeit, whose clearly structured blog shows all benefits at a glance

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