The Gamified tool to empower Gen Z Learners for Self-Learning

The Gamified tool to empower Gen Z Learners for Self-Learning



The new generation, Gen Z, is growing up in a highly technological and fast-paced environment. As a result, their learning needs have changed, and traditional teaching methods may not be enough to keep them engaged and motivated. The Qizify tool is an innovative solution that aims to empower Gen Z learners to self-learn and prepare for exams with the help of quizzes. This tool not only benefits learners but also educators, who can save time and invest it in teaching their learners during lectures.


Gen Z Learning Needs and Trends

According to a report by Pearson, 59% of Gen Z learners prefer to learn through YouTube and online videos, while 48% prefer to learn through online quizzes and interactive games. These statistics highlight the importance of incorporating technology and gamification in education to meet the learning needs of the new generation. Furthermore, a study by McGraw Hill found that 74% of Gen Z learners prefer active and experiential learning methods that allow them to interact with the material and apply it to real-world situations.


The Importance of Technological Teaching Methods

The advancement of technology has opened up new opportunities for teaching and learning. As stated by Sir Ken Robinson, a famous education expert, “Technology has revolutionized the way we teach and learn. It has opened up new horizons for educators to explore and engage students in ways that were not possible before.” The Qizify tool is an example of such technology that can help educators create a more engaging and interactive learning environment for their learners.


The Need for Radical Changes in the German Education System

The German education system, which is based on a highly centralized and uniform approach, may not be sufficient to meet the learning needs of Gen Z learners. As stated by Andreas Schleicher, the Director for Education and Skills at the OECD, “The German education system needs radical changes that move away from the traditional top-down approach and towards a more personalized and flexible approach that empowers learners to take charge of their learning.”



There are several ways to empower Gen Z learners to self-learn.

  1. Encourage curiosity and exploration: Gen Z learners are naturally curious and want to explore new things. Encourage this curiosity by giving them the freedom to explore their interests and passions. Let them choose the topics they want to learn about and provide them with resources and guidance to help them pursue their interests.
  2. Promote self-direction: Give Gen Z learners more control over their learning by providing them with opportunities to make choices about what and how they learn. Encourage them to set their own goals, track their progress, and reflect on their learning. This can help them develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for their own education.
  3. Embrace technology: Gen Z learners are digital natives and are comfortable using technology to learn. Use online resources, educational apps, and digital tools to enhance their learning experience. Provide them with opportunities to learn online, collaborate with others, and use technology to solve real-world problems.
  4. Foster a growth mindset: Encourage Gen Z learners to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and persist in the face of setbacks. Help them develop a growth mindset by emphasizing the value of effort and persistence, and by providing them with feedback and support to help them improve.

What we are offering is an example of a solution that can support such changes by enabling learners to self-learn and take control of their education in a gamified way.


The Gamified Tool

The Qizify tool is a web-based platform that allows learners to create and take quizzes, track their progress, and identify areas for improvement. The tool uses gamification techniques such as points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate learners and make the learning process more enjoyable. Moreover, educators can use the Qizify tool to create quizzes, verify quizzes of their learners, assess learner performance, provide feedback to learners, and navigate them to the right learning path.


Benefits of a tool

The Qizify tool provides numerous benefits for both learners and educators. For learners, the tool can help them organize their self-learning, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and prepare for exams more efficiently. According to a survey by Qizify, 92% of German students would like to use Qizify in their education process. For educators, the tool can save time and provide valuable insights into learner performance, allowing them to adapt their teaching methods to better meet the needs of their learners. Once educators have verified quizzes, learners of the next years can re-use them without asking the educators for feedback again. All quizzes created by learners are automatically available to all other users within a school or university.



The Qizify tool is a powerful solution that can help meet the learning needs of Gen Z learners and support radical changes in the education system. By empowering learners to self-learn and prepare for exams with the help of quizzes and games, the tool creates a more engaging and interactive dedicated learning environment. Furthermore, the tool can save time and provide valuable insights for educators, enabling them to adapt their teaching methods to better meet the needs of their learners. As the world becomes increasingly technology-driven, it is essential to embrace technological teaching methods such as the Qizify tool to prepare the next generation for success. The German education system, like many others, needs to adapt to these changes, and the Qizify tool is a valuable resource that can help support these necessary transformations.


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