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Event 2nd IU Health Symposium

2nd IU Health Symposium

In the upcoming spring month of April, everything revolves around the topic of health during the online conference of Germany’s largest university. The symposium of the International University enters its second round. Below you will find important information about the program, registration, and speakers. Digital Empowerment in Healthcare The Health department of IU International University …

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General IU International University: Education for the Modern World

IU International University: Education for the Modern World

Today’s educational landscape is characterized by diversity, flexibility, and global interconnectedness. In this context, the IU International University of Applied Sciences holds a prominent position. As one the largest University in Germany, IU strives to make education accessible for the modern world, preparing students for a successful future. History and Mission: Founded in 1998, IU …

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General Activities of the Institute Director

Activities of the Institute Director

“Life is associated with constant change” I am very pleased to announce that I have been offered and accepted the Professorship of “Business Administration and Scientific Work” at the “IU International University of Applied Sciences” in the “Dual Study Programs” department. This means that I am now working at the Cologne site of IU in …

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