E-commerce workshop – a flywheel for growth

E-commerce workshop – a flywheel for growth

Continuous growth, but also competition and high dynamics shape e-commerce. Up-to-date knowledge is more important than ever so that you and your company become part of e-commerce success. The workshop of the E-Commerce Institute offers a completely new approach. Less off-the-shelf catalogue knowledge than a program that sets a flywheel in motion for growth and success in e-commerce, that is the USP of our e-commerce workshop.

The focus is on the “E-Commerce Code”, which Prof. Große Holtforth developed as an innovative e-commerce model. Prof. Große Holtforth looked back on his ten years of experience in e-commerce, as a successful founder, consultant, author and speaker on topics related to e-commerce and online shops. Together with other e-commerce and digitalization experts, he conveyed the successful program to you.

For whom – the workshop participants

The workshop is aimed at managers and e-commerce decision-makers who want to initiate or strengthen a noticeable growth process for their online shop. As a B2C or B2B company, you see numerous opportunities in e-commerce and are ready to develop your online shop and business model further. You already have your first e-commerce experience, but you also know: “It’s just the beginning”!

What – the program of the workshop

How did Amazon become one of the most valuable companies out of nowhere? Why is AboutYou so innovative? What made Alibaba‘s triumphant advance possible and what made Zalando successful? The e-commerce code provides answers to these questions and at the same time provides a strategic and operational program for companies in digitalization.

The program is built on the central strategic success factors of digitalization. Orchestration, i.e. the organization of a perfect interaction of the most important success factors, is decisive for success. Only in this way can a flywheel emerge as a self-reinforcing process that can take you to the top of your markets.

We will show you how you can use the four central success factors for your online shop and make them “swing”. The factors are:

  • Customer centricity – find and retain customers
  • Digital innovations – to the top with e-commerce software
  • Economies of scale – online marketing and logistics, the motors of the flywheel
  • Data-Driven Marketing – KPIs and analyzes for more conversions

For each factor, basics, examples and applications are taught as concrete takeaways that you can implement directly for your e-commerce business. As a speaker, you will experience e-commerce and digitalization experts who have successfully set up and implemented e-commerce projects.

Why now

The digital revolution continues. Personalization, marketing automation, artificial intelligence, virtual assistants and robots are ready to take the next step in digitization. Only companies that proactively embrace change can shape it and turn opportunities into competitive advantages. Now is the time to make your own e-commerce fit for the future by using new technologies, new methods and new strategies. This is what the E-Commerce Institute workshop will teach you. But you will also find the time and partners to put what you have learned into practice immediately. A demanding program, but one that is worthwhile.

How – this is how the e-commerce workshop works

We offer our workshop as a 2-day event. It can be organized as a company workshop on your premises or at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne or Hamburg.

Has the program found your interest? Then get in touch right away at 0221 -973199722 or info@ecommerceinstitut.de to receive further information on the dates and organizational matters.


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