E-commerce lectures at University

E-commerce lectures at University

On this page, you will find information about the e-commerce lectures at the University. The e-commerce lectures are closely related to the work of the E-Commerce Institute and provide students with relevant theoretical and practical e-commerce knowledge and skills. The lectures focus on strategic and operational factors of e-commerce and digital transformation.

Electronic Commerce lecture

The lecture “Electronic Commerce” introduces the basics of e-commerce and essential success factors within the bachelor’s program “Online Management”. The central 2nd chapter of the lecture presents all essential factors in e-commerce such as:

• Business model
• Unique selling points
• Online marketing
• Web Analytics
• Shop system and IT
• Logistics
• Web design – usability & user experience
• Security and law in e-commerce

and shows the most important operational functions in e-commerce

Online trade & innovative sales channels

The lecture “Online Trade & Innovative Distribution Channels” in the Bachelor’s degree program “Logistics & Trade” focuses on the challenges for stationary trade in digitalization, multichannel trade and logistics concepts in e-commerce.

Cases in Media Economics

The lecture “Cases in Media Economics” in the bachelor’s degree “Media and Communication Management” deals with the industrial economic fundamentals of digitalization and important economic mechanisms such as economies of scale and network effects and the economic fundamentals of e-commerce.

Digital media and online marketing

The double lecture “Digital Media & Online Marketing” focuses on communication via digital media. Both the development of digital media and the underlying technologies are discussed. These basics are further helpful in understanding online marketing strategies and methods. These are explained as well as the most important channels in online marketing such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, display advertising and e-mail marketing. WebAnalytics as online marketing controlling is also part of the content of the lecture, which offers a good basis for professional activity in marketing and communication in the Master’s programs in Corporate Communication and Digital Management at the University.


The lecture Entrepreneurship in the Master’s “Media Management & Entrepreneurship” introduces the theoretical, political and historical foundations of entrepreneurship.

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