AAIH: New partner organization of the institute and for ISPC conference

AAIH: New partner organization of the institute and for ISPC conference

Today we proudly announce a new partner of the E-Commerce Instituted and for the ISPC: the Alliance for AI & Humanity (AAIH). With this, the E-Commerce Institute is now a founding member of the AAIH and will contribute its expertise to help advance and promote ethical AI through the nonprofit organization.


The Alliance for AI & Humanity (AAIH) is working to advance the responsible development and use of AI. It addresses the key ethical, privacy, and legal challenges associated with these technologies. Additionally, it aims to direct efforts in the development and deployment of AI for improved quality of life. Bringing together academics, industry, partner organizations, and diverse voices from the AI community in ASEAN, the AAIH aims to effectively contribute to the rapidly evolving intelligent era.

Founded on the firm belief that a multi-stakeholder partnership is crucial to ensure that ethical, transparent, and trustworthy AI benefits people and society. One of AAIH’s goals is to establish a center of excellence and thought leadership at the intersection of AI & Humanity.

Promoting ethical and human-centric AI in decision-making, policy formulation, and regulatory guidelines is a focal point of efforts. Conducting and supporting research on the social, ethical, and security implications of AI, as well as facilitating knowledge transfer to society, are important activities. Promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogues among AI industry experts, stakeholders, and the general public is actively pursued. Developing and proposing an ethical framework for the use of AI is on the agenda. PhD scholars have the opportunity to participate in summer internships and collaborate with renowned experts in AI and ethics from around the world. AAIH’s activities include research studies, newsletters, opinion pieces, blogs, workshops, and an annual conference.

A welcome message

AAIH concludes its welcome message as follows. “Your involvement will undoubtedly strengthen our initiatives and inspire others to join our cause. Your leadership and insight, in particular, will be instrumental in guiding our efforts and promoting a community that prioritizes solution-oriented AI solutions. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your willingness to serve as a founding member and advisor. We look forward to working closely with you and exploring the immense potential of AI for the betterment of humanity. Welcome to the AAIH family!”

The E-Commerce Institute Cologne looks forward to the collaboration and especially to the joint cooperation for the annual “International Scientific-Practical Conference (ISPC 2024)” in October in Cologne, Germany!

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