A successful B2B2C campaign to win hearts.

A successful B2B2C campaign to win hearts.

B2B2C stands for “Business-to-Business-to-Consumer” and refers to a distribution channel where a company sells products to other businesses, which then resell them to end consumers. Below, Yell Advertising reflects on their campaign to increase engagement with Thailand’s leading cooking gas brand, PTT LPG.

The uniqueness of the gas stove market in Thailand

Gas stove products are closely tied to consumers’ daily lives, playing a significant role in food preparation both in households and in numerous restaurants spread throughout Thailand. Marketing these B2B2C products requires a collaborative effort from all involved parties. This includes ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality from manufacturers and a thorough understanding of the product by distributors to enable end users in various culinary establishments and households to use and maintain them appropriately.

In this context, they require access to high-quality products at reasonable prices for food preparation. As a result, this type of work goes beyond mere marketing; it’s about creating satisfaction and passing on value from beginning to end.

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How to be number one “in people’s hearts”

For Thailand’s leading cooking gas brand, PTT LPG, the challenge was not to increase sales, as the company is already a market leader. Instead, it was about ensuring that customers, neighborhood restaurants, and gas stove retailers receive both quality and satisfaction. To achieve this, Yell developed a campaign concept that recognizes and rewards local restaurants while also promoting mutual benefits and shared value for all.

In the B2B context, distributors were encouraged to promote sales to nearby community restaurants. In the B2C scenario, the focus was on community restaurants facing ongoing challenges post-COVID-19 and adapting to changing competitive landscapes.

This underscores the importance of being a reputable brand and appealing to the majority of consumers who dine at restaurants near their homes.

The reward for sincere efforts

  • Approximately 500 nominations per community
  • 150 vendors promoted nationwide
  • 6 million people engaged during the campaign

Widespread positive feedback was received, benefiting our distributors directly. Additionally, it fostered satisfaction among local restaurants and loyal customers, who deemed the value priceless. This was the result of impressive stories shared by loyal customers from various restaurants.

All of this unfolded within a span of one and a half months of campaign execution. It’s evident that implementing B2B2C is not a simple task. It requires a deep understanding and careful attention to detail amidst a variety of campaigns. It’s not just about creating ads or online posts to manage award distribution to various restaurants. Rather, it begins with listening to the voices of everyone involved in the process.

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