Mission of the E-Commerce Institute

Mission of the E-Commerce Institute

E-commerce is fundamentally changing the economy and society. There are many opportunities for business success, but also new challenges for companies in competition. The dynamics are considerable, and new technologies fuel the competition. Large global players such as Google, Facebook and Amazon dominate the markets and set standards. More competition arises, service providers offer a plethora of solutions that often overwhelm companies without bringing substantial benefits. Without an empirical basis, a sustainable strategy and target formulation, some e-commerce projects can become loss-making, hoping for sales and efficiency gains.

The mission of the E-Commerce Institute is to help develop and implement future-oriented and sustainable e-commerce projects based on empirical research and application-related studies with and for companies.

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E-commerce Institut at mediapark-mission
The Cologne Mediapark is the headquarters of the E-Commerce Institute

The faster the ride, the better you should know the way!

The E-Commerce Institute is a think tank of professors, experts and young talents in online marketing and e-commerce, which analyzes the dynamics of the internet and e-commerce as well as innovative business approaches for companies in e-commerce & e-Business developed. The focus is on the development of innovative business models, the development of unique selling points and competitive strategies as well as the conception of success factors with great leverage such as website conversions and multi-channel management. The combination of new technologies with a clear business calculation makes the developed concepts strong drivers of online success.

Innovation and experience

The high dynamics of the Internet require a high degree of flexibility and quick access to innovative technologies. This access is particularly facilitated if you listen to young people who are “digital natives”. “Digital natives” are curious, enthusiastic about technology, internationally oriented: they have the digital gene. The E-Commerce Institute brings together young university graduates, students and experienced scientists as well as experts from the fields of marketing, media and IT to gain new insights and find new solutions in mixed teams. A peer-to-peer review ensures quality control.

Online competition and strategy

When developing new concepts for successful e-business, the key questions are: How can companies successfully compete in the online market and which business models provide unique selling points in e-commerce? Which additional measures for customer loyalty should be implemented on the Internet and which measures are not worthwhile. A well-founded business approach prevents economic efficiency from falling behind due to social media, Twitter & Co. E-commerce must, can and will be worthwhile.

E-Commerce Institute: Our topics

  • How do market structures in commerce change due to changing usage habits and the diffusion of digital technologies among the population?
  • What do successful business models in e-commerce look like?
  • How can companies develop unique selling propositions for the online channel?
  • How can existing and new sales channels be integrated?
  • How can the design of digital platforms and interfaces be created to increase sales success?
  • How to use and dose online marketing and social media?
  • How can user behaviour and user experiences be measured and incorporated into the further development of the online presence?
  • How do I bring “digital genes” into companies?

Our services

The work of the E-Commerce Institute is practical and practice-oriented. Only in direct cooperation with companies can relevant problem solutions be found. In project work with young talents and students, analyses are carried out which form the basis for the development of business models and competitive strategies. The institute places young talents and experienced experts as well as creative doers who implement the jointly developed solution quickly and professionally.

Do you want to learn more? Write to us at info (at) ecommerceinstitut.de.


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